Potato Corner Fries and Tea-riffic Tea, SM Cubao

I confess that my son is one of the millions of children raised on fast food french fries. Even I, who had recently gone vegetarian in the hopes of entering a healthier lifestyle, still struggle to resist the siren song of a steaming hot potato strip, deep-fried to a perfect sunshine-yellow crunch outside and creamy mealiness inside, all wrapped up in crispy flakes of salt. It is, after all, a vegetable.

So we headed off to SM Cubao to satisfy his potato craving for our afternoon snack.

Understand your product’s strengths. If you’re selling a classic product, know when to innovate on its best attributes. If not, just crank up its quality to the best that it can be. Either way, it increases your chances of standing out from the competition.

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Eliana Infatuation Cologne

THERE’S a nearby budget grocery that my son and I enjoy visiting every so often. During one of our visits last January, I discovered a new line of inexpensive colognes that are targeted toward the teenage female demographic.

Sometimes the value of a product lies in the experience of using it. Just because a product is cheap doesn’t always mean it’s bad or low-quality. You can find inexpensive products whose quality can match or even surpass the experience you get from using premium products.

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Hunt’s Chili Beef & Beans and Pork BBQ & Beans

MOST days I don’t really go out to eat, and would rather have a home-cooked meal. And then there are days when I don’t even feel like cooking. This is one of the brands I turn to when I need a quick and satisfying meal or snack, depending on how famished I am.

A simple but well-thought out twist to a classic product can generate a renewed interest in your brand.

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Sebastian’s Ice Cream, Katipunan

HAVING sated my curiosity and appetite at PB &Co., I suggested to my friend that we head over to the Sebastian’s Ice Cream stall downstairs.

Novelty fades quickly. If you choose to use novelty as a selling point in some of your products or services, make sure that your other non-novelty offerings are as good or even better than that novelty item.

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Peanut Butter and Co, Katipunan

I admit I’m not that fond of peanut butter — I’ll eat it every so often when the mood strikes, but that’s it. So when one of my good friends from college informed me that a Peanut Butter and Co. had opened up in Katipunan, Quezon City, it was curiosity and not a liking for the palate-clogging stuff, and especially not the environmental culture, that drove me there.

Be kind to waitstaff. They work long hours at minimum wage rates, and being unnecessarily difficult with them only speaks of your own breeding.

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Cafe Xocolat, Katipunan (Part 2 of 2)

FOLLOWING our lukewarm escapade to Pipino, we headed for Cafe Xocolat in Katipunan in the hopes of drowning our meatless misery in hot chocolate. And drown it we did.

Do you have one product or service that you’re particularly good at? Nurture it, develop it, showcase it, make it the center of your business, and promote it like it’s the best thing on earth, ever.

Some small establishments have thrived this way for years, and some have grown into large establishments, just by focusing on that one great product.

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Jollibee at Tomas Morato

IF you have young children, chances are fast food is on the regular menu. My son is no stranger to this, as he will eat anywhere that serves french fries and crunchy fried chicken or pork.

We had our after-school snack at Jollibee, one of the leading local fast food chains. I’m not a big fan of their fare — I prefer McDonald’s — but since it’s my son who needs the extra food, it’s his call. Continue reading


Metrobank Credit Card Telemarketer

METROBANK has always been my top choice for local banking because of its reliability, accessibility, and integrity, and until today I haven’t experienced any issues with them in all the years I’ve spent transacting with the company. Or to be more accurate, it wasn’t exactly with the bank but with one of their telemarketers. Continue reading

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Singling Out The Couples by Stella Duffy

LAST night I found this book Singling Out the Couples by Stella Duffy on sale at The Reading Room in Cubao X. I wasn’t in search of anything in particular to read at the time, but I needed something inedible to go with my coffee.

book review

The premise made me curious immediately: how does the princess, the central character, go about wrecking the lives of the loving and the loved? What are her methods? What is her comeuppance? What satisfaction does she get out of her efforts?
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Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee, Tomas Morato

SCHOOLDAYS can be very tiring for my son, so we have made it part of our routine to go out for a quick snack after I pick him up from school, before we head home. And by snack I mean a full meal: meat, carbohydrates, dessert, and a drink.

One such establishment that we recently visited is Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee (KoCCo) in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, which is a cozy little tea-and-dessert nook. We’ve been visiting the place for drinks and pastries to go since 2010. One of my absolute favorites from their offerings is the sylvannas (crispy-chewy meringue biscuits wrapped in buttercream frosting and rolled in cake crumbs) that came in several flavors — classic vanilla, strawberry, mocha, and green tea, to name a few, but discontinued their sale sometime last year. I’m also sold on their rosebud tea.

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