Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee, Tomas Morato

SCHOOLDAYS can be very tiring for my son, so we have made it part of our routine to go out for a quick snack after I pick him up from school, before we head home. And by snack I mean a full meal: meat, carbohydrates, dessert, and a drink.

One such establishment that we recently visited is Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee (KoCCo) in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, which is a cozy little tea-and-dessert nook. We’ve been visiting the place for drinks and pastries to go since 2010. One of my absolute favorites from their offerings is the sylvannas (crispy-chewy meringue biscuits wrapped in buttercream frosting and rolled in cake crumbs) that came in several flavors — classic vanilla, strawberry, mocha, and green tea, to name a few, but discontinued their sale sometime last year. I’m also sold on their rosebud tea.

So without my old-time favorite on the menu, what else could I have?

Good thing my son was feeling quite ravenous, so after several minutes of poring over the menu, he decided on the Chicken Parmigiana with rice, while I opted for the less filling New England Clam Chowder, which I’ve never tried before.

Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee food

Now I have no other photographs to show you the scale of these dishes, which were much bigger than we had expected. Suffice to say, that bread bowl in which the chowder was served is almost as big as my head, while the chicken parmigiana could have easily fed two adults if you throw in another cup of rice. (My son is 10 years old).


Their tea menu is also as adorable as it is extensive. This is only one of three menus roughly 18″x24″, printed back-to-back, with their tea, coffee, cake, appetizer, and main course selection.

The chowder was delicious. It was smooth, velvety, and creamy, with chunks of vegetables and clams, although the clams were slightly overcooked. My son also enjoyed his parmigiana, but as any child is wont to do, refused to touch the steamed beans on the side. He did ask me to share my soup and bread bowl with him.

I also had a taste of my son’s dish, which was too much for him to finish. The chicken was tender and its breading flaky, though I found the chunky tomato sauce slightly too acidic for me.

To cap off our meal, my son had a cup of rich hot chocolate, which came with a free French macaron on the side. unfortunately, my hefty meal left me no room for dessert.

But as always, what sealed the deal for me was the friendly service from the waitstaff.  Ann, our server, patiently humored my son’s inquiries about the store (he likes to conduct impromptu ‘interviews’ about an establishment’s products, decor, music, whatever strikes his fancy about the business at the moment).

If an establishment’s staff is pleasant, accommodating, and respectful with children, then it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands.

We certainly enjoyed our snack break in KoCCo. My son’s only gripe about the place is that they don’t serve more crunchy food as appetizers or main courses, but he’ll be back for his favorite garlic breadsticks and hot chocolate. And we’ve both added that clam chowder to our roster of comfort food.

How about you, what is your criteria for finding out if a supposedly adult establishment is also kid-friendly?



Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

258-A Tomas Morato Ave. corner Sct. Fernandez
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: (+63 2) 412-33, 466-3664, 0928-9573333, 0933-5695690
Facebook page

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