World Goodies Boba Milk Tea, Tomas Morato

SINCE the hot summer days have made an early entry into the local climate, the sale of cold, ready-to-go drinks have began to boom again. One of my regular pit stops for such is the World Goodies 24/7 convenience store, which sells large cups of flavored Boba (or ‘bubble’) milk tea.

Make sure that all items in your product lineup are the best that they could be. To buyers, mediocrity and bad quality are the same.

The store features a selection of cold milk and fruit tea drinks to go, to which you can add from a choice of boba (sweet and chewy sago), nata de coco (young mutant coconut jelly), or milk custard bites. It is sweetened with fruit syrup, and you can adjust the sweetness level to your preference. My favorite to date is their wintermelon tea, which, at 25% sweetness, is perfectly fruity and tasty.

Aside from the flavor, another thing that I like about their tea is the amount for the price. For as low as PhP65 you can get a large cup that can easily be shared by two.

Boba Milk Tea

In this case, I gave in to my curiosity again and tried their pina colada tea. I love pineapple, and since the other tea variants that I’ve tried (wintermelon, caramel, vanilla, Yakult, chocolate fudge) were good so far, this would be another good addition to my list.

I was wrong.

At 50% sweetness, this was overwhelmingly sweet for me and I could barely taste any pineapple flavor. In fact, nothing stood out. It just tasted like an overly sweet and unidentifiable milk concoction. I did enjoy the coldness and the chewy, gummy boba pearls though. Suffice to say I will not buy this variant again, but will continue to buy and try the rest.

You can also get other convenience items (snacks, cooking ingredients, premixed drinks, personal care items, and more) from World Goodies, but I’m there for the milk tea.

What is your favorite summer drink?


World Goodies

195-A Tomas Morato corner Scout Fuentebella, 1103 Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines

Cell phone no.: +63915 478 8054


Facebook Page

Boba Milk Tea Official Website


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