Tokyo Tokyo food

Tokyo Tokyo at Ali Mall, Cubao

I’VE been trying to expand my son’s food preferences beyond fried chicken, french fries, and Philippine-American flavors, and this has dragged on for years. So imagine my surprise when out of the blue, he asked me to take him to Tokyo Tokyo, a local Japanese fast food joint, for the first time.

I confess that in all the years the chain has been around I haven’t eaten there yet as well, because when it comes to Asian fare, my first choice is Chinese, followed by Thai. Also, when eating at fast food joints I tend to stick to this notion that their food should cost up to a certain amount, and anything that exceeds that amount is subjected to close scrutiny and hesitation: why would I pay more for fast food fare when I could get it for less elsewhere? (By the same rule, I also often ask, why should I pay elsewhere for food that I can cook at home? But we’ll get to that later).

Nevertheless, a change would be more than welcome. So this would be another first for us both. Continue reading