Hunt’s Chili Beef & Beans and Pork BBQ & Beans

MOST days I don’t really go out to eat, and would rather have a home-cooked meal. And then there are days when I don’t even feel like cooking. This is one of the brands I turn to when I need a quick and satisfying meal or snack, depending on how famished I am.

A simple but well-thought out twist to a classic product can generate a renewed interest in your brand.

Hunt’s Pork and Beans has been a local staple in the market for several decades now, and as far as I know, the leading brand in pork and beans. I recall eating it as an afternoon snack, back when I was a tiny little thing. Now that I’m a huge old thing, I don’t eat much of it anymore. You could say I had outgrown those tender white beans swimming in sweet-tangy-bacony tomato sauce.

Then during one of my recent trips to the supermarket, I spotted the same familiar product in two new variants: Chili Beef & Beans, and Pork BBQ & Beans. The chili beef intrigued me instantly. I love Mexican flavors, and hoped that this would be an addition to my list. So I got one pack of each, then hurried home to try them both.

Just as I had hoped, the chili beef variant was good. It had the right amount of spices, and I could definitely taste the cumin and red chili in there. The pork BBQ variant was also tasty, with a slight hickory aroma and deep brown sugar sweetness. Between the two, I preferred the chili beef, but that’s because I have a biased palate.

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So I returned to the supermarket and bought 10 packs of each variant, for those random moments when the emergency munchies hit.

My son also loved the chili beef variant but didn’t like the pork BBQ, saying that it ‘tasted burnt.’ He’s not used to smoky flavors yet and has much more sensitive tastes than I do. Still, I’ve got both variants safely stashed away in my kitchen.

Welcome back, Hunt’s Pork and Beans. You’re all grown up now.

How about you, what are some of your instant kitchen staples when you don’t feel like cooking or eating out?


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