Eliana Infatuation Cologne

THERE’S a nearby budget grocery that my son and I enjoy visiting every so often. During one of our visits last January, I discovered a new line of inexpensive colognes that are targeted toward the teenage female demographic.

Sometimes the value of a product lies in the experience of using it. Just because a product is cheap doesn’t always mean it’s bad or low-quality. You can find inexpensive products whose quality can match or even surpass the experience you get from using premium products.

So I am well over a decade past that demographic, but I still have a healthy appreciation for products geared for youngsters. After all, my son will be a teenager soon so I might as well stay in touch with his age range’s sensibilities.

Now this cologne line is called Eliana, and what attracted me to it was the adorable label design.

Eliana Colognes

Its fragrance lineup ranges from floral to fruity to citrus, though none of them really resonated with me because the scents were too bright and peppy for my taste, until I sampled the variant Infatuation.

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Infatuation opens with a whiff of peach, apricot, and hints of warm vanilla, and the scent lingers for hours without changing. It’s very inexpensive, only PhP28 for 50ml and PhP54 for 100ml. It only has a few ingredients, which are denatured alcohol, distilled water, fragrance, and hydrogenated castor oil. Pure and simple. But the best part is that to me, it smells just like Estee Lauder’s Intuition.

As soon as I smelled the fragrance for the first time, I was transported back to my memories of 2004, when I used the Estee Lauder perfume. I actually had to take a moment of silence, standing in the middle of the grocery aisle, to let the idea sink in that this inexpensive cologne in my hand smelled so close to my old perfume, that it instantly evoked forgotten but welcome images. How lovely is that?

So after letting the fragrance sample sit on my skin for several hours to see how long it would last and if it would change, I returned the next day to purchase the 100ml bottle, with the intention of stocking up on the variant eventually. I’m still in love with the scent.

This Eliana variant is more than infatuation — it’s serendipity. As far as I know, the entire line or selected variants are available in several local groceries, department stores, and drugstores in Manila.

Have you experienced discovering a product or service that has proven its worth because of your experience with it?


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