Peanut Butter and Co, Katipunan

I admit I’m not that fond of peanut butter — I’ll eat it every so often when the mood strikes, but that’s it. So when one of my good friends from college informed me that a Peanut Butter and Co. had opened up in Katipunan, Quezon City, it was curiosity and not a liking for the palate-clogging stuff, and especially not the environmental culture, that drove me there.

Be kind to waitstaff. They work long hours at minimum wage rates, and being unnecessarily difficult with them only speaks of your own breeding.

The first thing I noticed about the counter staff was their cheerless greeting and dark undereye circles. While my friend was placing her order at the counter, the transaction was interrupted by a college girl of about 18-19 who whined about her water. Yes, whined. “I want wa-turrrrr,” she impatiently said, pouted, and lightly stamped her foot. My guess is that this is how she treats her household help.

Good thing the counter staff kept their cool and gave the girl her water, who immediately turned her back without so much as a word of thanks. Sadly, I’ve observed this kind of self-entitled behavior from the patrons that frequent the area, which is why I mentioned earlier my apprehension about the environmental culture. And I cannot entirely blame the staff for their lack of spirit (though I hope they have good days too).

Anyway, I had the Chili Fried Chicken sandwich, which my friend recommended. In my hunger I hadn’t snapped photos of what she had, and I hurriedly took a shot of my sandwich just before applying it to my face.

food review

I enjoyed it thoroughly, mostly because the chicken and its spices were perfectly complemented by the fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and creamed corn. The spicy peanut butter was also a delicious addition to the sandwich, though I felt that even without it, the other ingredients could stand well on their own.

Later, my friend got a large jar of chili peanut butter, while I got three mini-jars of different variants: creamy for my husband, dark chocolate for my son, and chili for me. I will return for the green tea and cardamom variants soon, as well as their fish sandwiches. When I do, I hope to see happier staff. They deserve better treatment from customers.

After that, my friend and I moved elsewhere for dessert, which I will continue soon.


Peanut Butter and Co

2/F Regis Center, 327
Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Telephone no.: (02)990-3100

Local website

Official website


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