Metrobank Credit Card Telemarketer

METROBANK has always been my top choice for local banking because of its reliability, accessibility, and integrity, and until today I haven’t experienced any issues with them in all the years I’ve spent transacting with the company. Or to be more accurate, it wasn’t exactly with the bank but with one of their telemarketers.

This afternoon I was in the middle of work when one of their telemarketers called me up for the nth time since I put up an account with the company. I’ve told them time and again that I’m not interested in availing of a credit card (I prefer cash transactions), yet time and again they’ve persisted in calling.

Anyway, I was still in the middle of informing the telemarketer that I wasn’t interested when she just hung up on me. No ‘Thank you for your time,’ nothing.

If you are a company owner, enforce the practice of common courtesy at all times in your staff. If you’re a customer who meets with discourteous service, do not retaliate with rudeness, tempting as it may be. Either way, take the high road.

My first response was to call up the main office and launch into a tirade, but after a few deep breaths I managed to calm down and step back. So instead I sent a brief email stating what had happened. The act of composing a letter takes more time than to vent out verbally, so it also helped clear my head further.

Then it occurred to me that if another telemarketer calls up I have the option to hang up on her. But it wouldn’t be worth it, because it’ll only make me feel terrible about myself afterwards.

I’m on the fence about how to handle this efficiently and effectively, what exactly to say. I’m still their loyal customer, after all.

Do any of you have suggestions on how to manage pesky telemarketers without being a pest? I would certainly appreciate your help.




Head office: Metrobank Plaza Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, 1200 Philippines.

Telephone no: (632) 8700-700


Official website


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