Grill Pan Hunt at SM Cubao

LAST Sunday I went on a brief foray for a good grill pan at the housewares section of SM Cubao. As expected, the store didn’t offer a wide selection of brands, especially since the holiday sale had just ended. I didn’t mind — there were a few decent and recognizable brands on display, and after a few moments of coordinated online research with my husband via mobile, I settled on a Meyer 28cm. oval grill pan, which happened to be the best choice available.

Meyer Grill Pan Photo2284

Now there were two sales staff that assisted me: a man assigned to handle Chef’s Classic, Sunnex, and few other brands, and a lady who handles Meyer. They both accommodated my slew of inquiries in the same friendly fashion, but the man was slightly more aggressive in his sales pitch (he even suggested that I consider buying a restaurant-type grill pan instead of the stovetop model I was gunning for). The lady, on the other hand, was slightly more reticent, and patiently stood by while I hemmed and hawed over my options.

I confess I can be stalled at times by indecision. This was one of those times. And when this happens, I don’t want anyone pushing me to make my choice, lest I regret it.

Selling requires good salesmanship, and good salemanship doesn’t always require aggressive persuasive skills, but listening skills, and overall likeability. If your salesepeople are likeable, they can sell the moon to your customers.

So in the end I went for Meyer, partly because of my husband’s research, partly because I liked the available model, and partly because the attending sales staff didn’t push me to buy it. That I really liked. When she suggested that I purchase a slotted spatula that went with the pan, she went off to check other available models after I asked her to. And in spite of all my inquiries, her cheerful demeanor didn’t wane, and she was able to answer most of my questions about the products that she was handling. She didn’t even bat an eyelash when I asked for her name.

Guess what, not only did I end up buying the grill spatula, I also bought a pancake turner, a pastry brush, and a pair of tongs. All because my panhunt experience went very well, thanks to good staff service.


As for the saleslady, her name is Armida Caberte. Well done!

Have you enjoyed a satisfying shopping experience like I did here? Feel free to share it with us!


SM Cubao: SM Cubao Building, Araneta Center, Cubao

Contact info: Ruth R. De Guzman (RRG) (+632)911-3661-68


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