North Park Noodle House, Cubao

A few days before Christmas, my son and I ventured into North Park Noodle House in Araneta Cubao, because he had a massive craving for congee.

Upon entering the establishment, the first thing I noticed was the cheerful ‘Ni Hao’ greeting from the guard and the waitstaff. Now this greeting may be rote, and many of us may take it for granted, but this is something that matters to me.

Little things like friendly, courteous gestures from service staff can instantly brighten the customer’s experience, even if he ends up disliking the product.

Our server promptly seated us and took our order, and I was immediately taken by her cheery disposition. (Too bad I forgot her name, but if anyone from the North Park management is reading this, she’s one of the servers on duty last December 23, 2012, at around 6pm).

My son had the mini sliced tender beef congee while I had the wanton braised noodles. I thought it would be enough for a light meal, and it would have been a light meal if I had four stomachs. The portions are huge.

beef congee wanton noodles

We ended up sharing both dishes, yet even when it was clear that we would have to take more than half of the food home, my son still asked for halo-halo. Again, it was served in a huge cup, and unlike standard halo-halo that’s topped with leche flan or ice cream, this one was topped with cornflakes (which my son immediately identified as Nestle Honey Gold Flakes). He loved it because it didn’t skimp on the ingredients, but it was too much for his belly so I had to finish the rest.


My son and I enjoyed the food immensely. But what I appreciated more was the service, because the staff made us feel at home with their sunny demeanor. For a little less than PhP500, this mini-meal for two was certainly worth it.

So, will we return? Absolutely. And I hope your North Park experience turns out to be just as pleasant as mine, if not more.



North Park Cubao: Ground Level, Coliseum Circle, Smart Araneta Coliseum
Gen. Araneta cor. Gen. Roxas Ave., Araneta Center
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Delivery: 73737

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